Darrell Back

Darrell Back

Jim Ivins

Jim Ivins


Doing Good Deeds Since 1980

    By Paul Ashton, (Real Estate Executive Magazine)

     Since 1980, the name Meridian Title Company has come to be synonymous with expertise and value in the minds of real estate professionals around the entire state of Utah. Now one of Utah's largest locally owned title companies, Meridian Title was founded in 1980 by Darrell Back, who still serves as President of the company. In 1984, he was joined by real estate attorney and current partner Jim Ivins, and to gether, the two pride themselves in having become a household name to the state's real estate community.

Meridian Title has a fiercely loyal clientele who insist that the slogan "We do good deeds" is not a mere play on words, but is in fact a behavior-driving maxim that is exemplified throughout the organization. Darrell explained, "Meridian Title has the most talented, motivated and loyal staff in the state. The natural byproduct of such capability is a superior level of service and value delivered consistently to each of our customers. We truly believe that employee loyalty and satisfaction drives customer loyalty more than anything else."

It's true; ask a cross section of mortgage lenders, Realtors, builders and homeowners which title company has spoiled them over the years and you'll open a floodgate of incredible testimonials, including some remarkable stories.

Jim personally went out to inspect a parcel of land. While other title companies would typically walk away, Jim walked through waist-high grass and weeds to clear up a property line dispute and save the deal. "I suppose you could say my claim to fame is being a problem solver," Jim said with a smile.

Shelly Tripp, Coldwell Banker agent, exclaimed, "I love Meridian Title. They are amazing!"

Bill Perry, owner of Perry Homes, has worked with Meridian Title for a quarter of a century and reports never having a problem.

But the true litmus test and probably the most important testimonials come from those with pens in hand, signing their closing documents. Cindy Poulson of West Jordan stated, "We had a tricky FHA loan that had some appraisal issues and was held up even further by a bank holiday. We were really anxious to close and when the big day finally arrived, I couldn't get out of work! I was so impressed and relieved when my escrow officer at Meridian Title told me not to worry and did an after–hours closing for us."

Another thing that sets Meridian Title apart from the rest is their in-house title department, a legal department and 1031 exchange services. This allows clients the luxury of "one-stop shopping." Even Meridian Title's employees see this as a huge strength, not to mention a real convenience for them. Many joke about how nice it is not to have those departments outsourced to India ... saying how much easier it is to simply walk up two stories in their own beautiful building in Murray!

Meridian Title also has offices in Sandy, Lehi, Centerville and St. George.  They provide many services including weekly real estate news alerts e-mails, regular continuing education training, closings in multiple languages (Spanish, Chinese), 24 -hour online access for clients to their open orders and marketing services for loan officers and Realtors.  Choosing to focus on the positive during tough economic times, Meridian Title diligently networks with those people who are active in the marketplace. "Deals still happen, and by concentrating on what we do best, we've been fortunate to be able to continue serving not only our loyal client base, but establish new client relationships amidst market turmoil," said Chris Jones, Vice President of Operations.

At Meridian Title, the difference is quite simply in their people. It's very rare in the industry to find a multitude of title company employees that can say they've been with the company for 15 to 20 years. Because of this, the doers of good deeds at Meridian Title have been able to cultivate trust and long-term relationships with their residential and commercial customers, and plan to continue exceeding their expectations for years to come.

Paul Ashton
Real Estate Executive Magazine