Meridian Title Company has many licensed Real Estate Continuing Education instructors. Below is a list of our approved courses. Contact your Escrow Officer if you would like to schedule a class for you and your company. 

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Title Insurance Needed Knowledge (CORE)

An in-depth look at why title insurance exists and how it can protect you and your clients

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Navigating and Avoiding Title Claims (CORE)

Why title insurance?  This course will go in depth into some of the things that have gone wrong in the past..

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CFPB Integrated Mortgage Closing Disclosure (CORE)

As of October 3, 2015 there are new documents that are replacing the HUD-1, TIL and Loan Estimate. Learn how these changes will affect how you do business.

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Closing HUD Homes (CORE)

How is transaction involving a HUD Home different than others? Come learn what you need to know in this one hour class.

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Introductions to 1031 Exchanges

Learn the ins and outs of this great tax deferment strategy for real estate investors